He didn't exactly have the most positive things to say about his American Idol winner's single. But Kris Allen has since abandoned soppy cliché and taken a turn for the coffeehouse with his first official release from his forthcoming debut album.

The pop-rock anthem "Live Like We're Dying" got its first airing on the radio this morning and, as these things do, quickly made its way online.

And while it may sound like Allen is doing his darnedest to channel his onetime cheerleader Jason Mraz, it's actually the footsteps of The Script that the Idol is following in: the tune is a cover of a B-side from the Irish rockers. (Though, as the judges panel would no doubt note, he didn't exactly make it his own, dawg.)

At least this time he can't blame Kara DioGuardi. But hey, if it was originality America was after, they probably would have voted for that other guy.

Take a listen and let us know, is the single catchy and fun or uninspired karaoke?

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