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Greek row without alcohol? Leave it to these savvy college students to find an...alternative, in tonight's all-new episode: "High and Dry." Find out what happens when two people picked from the houses are forced to stop being polite and start getting real!

You'll never guess who Casey spends the night with, but you don't have to guess, because if you read on, we'll tell you.


True story.

As Jake McDorman told us at last week's Pledge Yourself campaign launch, "Tonight's episode 'High and Dry' was like the first time I've worked with Spencer Grammer in a year. Evan and Casey are forced into a predicament where they have to hang out for an entire night. A lot of magical things happen that night."

Like a rekindling of the Casey and Evan romance? "No," said Jake. "The magic happens with the weed in the brownies that they eat. It lets bygones be bygones—if just for a short while—and they reconnect. What's cool is that this is the first time you see Cappie (Scott Michael Foster), Casey and Evan all being OK—the first time in the series, you know.

"Cappie, Casey and Evan all complement each other very well," Jake added. "If they all work in harmony, they're the Three Musketeers."

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So what about the dynamic duo of Cappie and Casey? Foster told us, "Cappie has a bit of a love interest come in, so you'll see...There are a lot of twist and turns."

Oh no! Will C and C ever end up together? Foster and most of the cast believe so: "They are always gonna be in love with each other and always going to want to be together," Foster teased. "I think when the timing's right it'll happen, and that's what we're waiting for."

As for the other Panhellenic romances, Dilshad Vadsaria told us that although Rebecca will see "some sparks" (and no, we don't mean Fisher), "She is a single girl...Rebecca does not believe in love—for obvious reasons. [This season] is more about my character being in the house, trying to make good with her sisters"—especially Ashleigh—"and trying to be a good sister, and a better sister in the Rebecca way." And she added, "I think Fisher is shady, by the way. [At least] Rebecca comes clean. But that's all I'm saying."

Amber Stevens was coy about Ashleigh and [shady?] Fisher's future, but we'll find out in "a few episodes" whether she'll be eating his red velvet cupcakes again. "She doesn't let him off the hook so easily, but eventually she's going to have to make that final decision." But she did confirm that Ashleigh and Fisher won't be seeing anyone else: "She's just being single and not dating, and maybe hoping that she could make it work."

Even Rusty and Jordan's relationship will face some hurdles this season. Jacob Zachar revealed: "Jordan goes through some personal struggles about whether she wants to remain at such a prestigious university because she's an art student. She might want to leave. You'll see the conflicts in the relationship because of that."

So what does Casey herself have to say about her epic romance? Spencer Grammer told us, "Casey has run-ins with Cappie as the season goes along. It should be exciting.

"I love Cappie. When I watch Cappie and Casey, I'm in love with them. Of course I want to see them together."

What about you? Anyone out there still rooting for Evan, or is Casey better off with someone else altogether? Let us know in the comments!

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