Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston

Soul Brother/Getty Images

"They couldn't be more different. Courteney embraces age. Jennifer runs from it. It's bound to be an even bigger difference for them as they get older."

—Close confidante to BFFs Courteney Cox, lead in the older-chick-empowering Cougar Town, and Jennifer Aniston, former John Mayer tool and star of insipidly juvenile, often woe-filled lovelorn flicks such as Love Happens.

And...let's see:

Courteney has an adorable kid and a working marriage (to offbeat charmer David Arquette), and Jen has...killer highlights, a leathery tan and dubious boy-toys galore? Hey, Jen, start acting your age onscreen, life just might get better—like Courteney's.

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