Are there no new ideas in Hollywood anymore? Not if you're a potential plaintiff with an itchy trigger finger.

And that finger is now pointed at Fergie.

Like those British blokes before her, the Black Eyed Pea has been sued for allegedly stealing song. This time Grounded Music claims Fergie's "Voodoo Doll" blatantly rips off a nearly decade-old reggae song no one's heard of (or at least didn't know they'd heard of until now), "Waterfall" by Groundation.

The latter song was recorded in 2000, six years prior to Fergie's tune. The lawsuit, which was filed Thursday and which also ropes in EMI and producer, alleges that Fergie's track "is substantially and strikingly similar" to the earlier ditty.

Grounded Music, which holds the copyright to Groundation's song, is seeking unspecified damages and is requesting a trial by jury.

Compare the tunes and give your own verdict:

Fergie's Bad Voodoo Poll
Did Fergie borrow a little too heavily from Groundation?


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