Robin Wright Penn, Jennifer Aniston

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images; Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio/Getty Images

Has Jennifer Aniston started a trend that isn't her damn haircut? Hanging around unavailable men is the new post-dumped way to behave in H'wood, à la Aniston. Oh no?

Then explain recently separated Robin Wright Penn traveling back from Toronto to LA on the same flight as Keanu Reeves. The two co-stars of the Brad Pitt-produced flick Private Lives of Pippa Lee, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, got close and personal on the five hour flight back

"They checked in at the airport together and then sat next to each other in first class on the airplane," an eyewitness tells us. "They were smiling and seemed happy, but they were both wearing hats and seemed like they didn't want to be recognized."

So does this mean Robin's totally over sleazy ex-hubby Sean Penn?

Please, let's hope this is just some high-flying cast catch-up then Robin trying to convince us she's snatched a new hot man. As doable as Keanu is, we wouldn't buy this convenient pair up for a second.

Just like Renée Zellweger ain't fooling us gallivanting around town with Bradley Cooper, and Jen didn't convince us with Gerard Butler...along with some of her other brief arm candy dudes, including Cooper, too! Man, that stud sure gets around to all the lonely ladies in T-town, huh?

Meanwhile, Sean Penn is actually moving on from his marriage the normal, predictably d-baggy way men do it—by hooking up with younger models.

Why don't we ever see men falling onto oh-so-opportune relationships with somewhat-unsuitable women right after breaking off with their significant other? Is it because people don't always need to see men "figured out" by becoming part of a couple, while a girl without a guy means she's an old maid? Like we even need to wonder about that answer.

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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