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The eyes had it in this week's episode of America's Next Top Model, in which Bambi Eyes was killed off before she even had a chance to face off against Bloody Eyeball. Read on for more about in Tyra Banks' Super Smeyes challenge, and the show's new optical obsession with another model's lazy eye...

Bye-Bye, Bambi Eyes: Poor Rachel. Although she told reporters today, "I really love my big ol' eyes," she really was like a deer in the headlights when the president of Wilhemina, Sean Patterson and Nigel Barker asked her to sing an impromptu ditty for them during an interview challenge. "For the life of me," the musical theater enthusiast told us today, "I could not think of any song." The noted fashion photographer made roadkill out of the petite 18-year-old when he announced this was actually a surprise elimination...and she was out of the competition.

Working Model, Lazy Eye: The deer hunters also aimed their guns at another contestant, Jennifer, by criticizing her lazy eye. We never noticed it before, but now we can't even look at that girl without noticing that eye. Not cool, boys. It didn't help that producers focused on her condition—ptosis—in all of Jennifer's segments. At least Tyra gave her some baffling tips "so that eye will not be your demeyes."

Bloody Eyeball: Super Smeyes competition was pretty fun, with the girls getting tips from Tyra on how to smile with their eyes. Obviously, Nicole, aka Bloody Eyeball, didn't stand a chance. Not because of any medical condition—unless you count blunted affect—but this girl's eyes wouldn't sparkle even if, if Rachel predicts, she wins this competition. (We love her too, but we're not feeling hopeful about her CoverGirl TV commercial.) Still, Tyra complimented Nicole's "melancholy smeyes" at panel—so maybe this year they're looking for short and sad contestants?

De-feeted: In the end the panel gave the boot to the girl with the broken foot, Courtney. This wasn't a terrible surpreyes, especially since during the photo shoot Jay Manuel told her, "You look like Barbarella in a wrestler ring." Unlike Rachel, at least Courtney saw it coming: "I knew the night before," she told us today. "I could feel it...I was going home." 

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