Megan Fox is so over promoting her new flick, Jennifer's Body, you can just smell her annoyance as she tries to fake her way through interview after interview. As Meg talks with E! News, her almost painful facial expressions and evasive body language just shout get me out of here.

She also asks us to swallow this baby: "I'm so insecure," she deadpans. May we please have a black cherry with that white lie?

We were scared for a sec that Megan's notorious and self-admitted temper would flare up, but don't worry folks, her quotes to Rolling Stone (about how she wouldn't try to off Brian Austin Green, just shoot him in the leg) were all for show. Totally shocking stuff, right?

"I was attempting to be self-deprecating and make myself sound a lot worse than I am," Fox tells Ashlan Gorse in the clip above. "I don't really have a bad temper; it takes a lot to push me over the edge. But I get there every once in a while, but it's not outrageous or crazy."

So what, exactly, does push Megan over the edge? No, it's not Kristen Stewart getting scrappy 'bout her man R.Pattz.

"People who are sexist make me crazy," fesses Fox.

Ironic, isn't it, since many of you people (especially in Twitter land) think Megan brings on all the criticism she gets herself. Since she's always flaunting her über-sexy bod, performing gratuitous girl-on-girl kisses and talking sex, she simply must be a hussy, right?

Even though we're not buying that only two or so men have seen her naked, we're all for the (albeit sometimes backward) women-empowerment campaign she's got going on.

So don't buy all this "insecure" nonsense you're about to hear. Like we keep stressing, M.F. knows exactly what she's doing. Our Fox insiders keep telling us she just loves playing the vampy-yet-vulnerable role in the media.

Question is—are you sick of hearing about it?


If that's a no, then check out The Many Moods of Megan Fox!

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