We're obviously all about investigative reporting here at the A.T. While many journalists out there shy away from the hard-hitting questions, we run to them like Robsten to dark corners!

Just hit up the premiere of Michael Moore's new documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story, and chatted with Jane Adams, star of HBO's hilarious new hit show Hung, with well-endowed man-hooker Thomas Jane. And don't you just love it when some of your fave performers don't disappoint in person? Thankfully, Jane most definitely did not.

Oh, and warning! This vid's full of words like "BLEEP" and "BLEEP," so why not start your Thursday with something a little raunchy, maybe after the kids are gone? Enjoy!

See, we think we have the perf next topic for Moore's next documentary: penis size and the art of seduction. You have to hear what J.A. thought of that:

Check out the clip above to hear Adams go on about all the recent pickup lines sorry dudes have been using, thanks to her TV persona playing a female pimp. (See why you need to tune into Hung if you haven't already?) Jane didn't mention whether Doug Reinhardt was one of these aforementioned creeps, but we're safely assuming he probably was.

P.S.: Taryn thinks schlong size is a horrible subject matter for Moore's next doc, she prefers someone hotter take on the task, but I say the Oscar-winning filmmaker should tackle some kind of sex doc—especially in America—in the future, don't you?

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