Kate Gosselin, Jon Gosselin

Donna Svennevik/ ABC; Joe Coomber/Sipa via AP Images

If we could only get a steel cage and settle this once and for all…

But for now we'll just have to settle for Jon and Kate Gosselin launching their personal attacks in the media.

Today, it's Jon's turn. After Kate claimed on The View this week that Jon had brought new gal-pal Hailey Glassman to meet the Plus 8, he is striking back.

"I've never brought Hailey to meet the kids," he tells E! News, "nor do I plan on doing that any time soon."

Taking to her Twitter account, Hailey chimed in: "I was never at Jon and Katezilla's house nor did I meet the children, And nor am I in a rush to...

"When the truth finally comes out, the public owes Jon and I a HUGE apology, until then keep hating n being blinded, Bunch of Helen Keller's."

A source close to Jon and Hailey says that Jon spoke to Kate after her appearance, and when he asked her why she made the Hailey-meeting-the-kids allegation, Kate claimed to have seen it "in the tabloids."

The insider says Jon will consider introducing the kids to Hailey "at the apporpriate time" once the divorce is final. A final divorce decree is expected in next few weeks.


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