All summer long, they bickered, they backstabbed, they bawled. But when all was said and done, only one could be named the winner of Big Brother 11. (Though the runner-up didn't do too shabbily.)

Kevin booted the still bitter Michelle last week in hopes of getting Natalie Martinez out, but that plan backfired, so in the end it was 18-to-24-year-old Natalie, newly engaged, facing off against Kevin Campbell and the proudly sweet 'n' clueless Jordan Lloyd for the $500,000 grand prize.

The jury—Michele Noonan, Jeff Schroeder, Jessie Godderz, Russell Kairoz, and Lydia Tavera—had much to discuss.

Lydia and Michelle liked Kevin and Jeff thought Jordan was the sweetest lil' thing, but the girls and Russell reluctantly admired Natalie's perseverance.

"She's short, she's smart, she's cute—you almost fall for it," said Russell, the object of ousted houseguest Chima Simone's tirade earlier this season, referring to Natalie.

"I don't think she even deserves to be in this position at all," chimed in Jeff, adding, "It's like talking to a road cone. Get in your spaceship, outta here!" when Lydia reminded him that his precious Jordan wasn't sweet all the time, either.

Kevin ultimately didn't get a chance to steal any votes from anyone—Jordan beat him in the final HoH trivia contest and chose to evict him, figuring she'd have a better chance at ousting Natalie when the final duo were presented to the jury.

"I totally understand, nothing personal at all," said Kevin, who then became the sixth member of the jury. "It's a good decision."

It sure was—because it was Jordan Lloyd, a 22-year-old waitress from Matthews, N.C., who was $500,000 richer at the end of the night, having scored votes from Jessie, Lydia, Jeff, Michelle—and America! (More than 11 million people voted for their fave.)

Kevin, perhaps still smarting from that final diss, threw his hat in Natalie's ring, as did Jessie. The newly engaged (for real!) martial artist walks away with $50,000.

"Put a down payment on a house for me, my mom and my brother," Jordan twanged, when host Julie Chen asked what she'll do with all that money. "My aunt, she's got two kids, give 'em money for college. Maybe get a new car?"

Jeff, meanwhile, was the overwhelming winner of the $25,000 prize for fan favorite.

Perhaps the viewers would have chosen differently if they had heard the hunky ad salesman put Jordan on "the short list" of companions he's considering taking to Hawaii.

Oh well, Jordan can take her own damn vacation now.


Do you think the jury—and Americamade the right choice? What did you think of Big Brother 11 overall? Sound off in the comments.

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