What can we say? Call us dorky, but we heart Army Wives, and we're superexcited for Sunday's retro episode "As Time Goes By..." We got an early look at what Roxy, Pamela, Denise, Claudia Joy and Roland are doing back in the day, and here's what we can tell you!

Lois Smith, aka Sookie's gran from True Blood, plays one of two senior-citizen former army wives in a nursing home who fall into conversation with Roxy and Pamela, and as the ladies tell their life stories, our main castmembers (the five wives and the five husbands) play the parts in the flashback sequences.

The flashback story begins in 1943, and South Carolina, home to Fort Marshall, was then the segregated South. And that means that Joan and Roland have a segregated plotline. Heartbreaking and unfair, but Sterling Brown and Wendy Davis do their usual wonderful work, in this case with the parts of a maid and a soldier who's only permitted to do menial work and not serve in combat during the war to end all wars.

Hopefully Lifetime will put up the Army Wives hair and makeup teams for an Emmy for this episode, because everyone looks amazing. Pamela in particular fits the part of a '40s broad, and Catherine Bell kills it in her adorable navy-blue WASP uniform.

Tragedy strikes...two of our boys are killed before the hour is over, and you'll be brokenhearted for the women they leave behind.

The older women have a surprising connection to the modern Army Wives, and we'll also see that the older Army Wives almost duplicated the series-premiere scene where one of the wives went into labor at the Hump bar.

It's a smart and sweet episode, and if you only watch Army Wives sometimes, be sure to tune in for this one!

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