Kanye West, Robert Pattinson


Kanye West and Taylor Swift have negotiated a truce. Phew! It took two blog apologies (IN CAPS!!!), one Leno apology, a View appearance and President Barack Obama getting involved, but we still managed to make it through this thing.

We stood together as a nation and said: Not cool, Kanye.

Even better, the Internet blessed the world with the Interrupting Kanye meme. If you think the real-life Kanye doesn't have any tact, well, the interrupting Kanye is even worse.

Whether it's Edward Cullen or the president, Kanye shows up with his mic, gives his "I'm gonna let you finish" speech and ruins everything.

Yes, there are more...

Kanye West, Neil Armstrong


Awww, there's Kanye interrupting Neil Armstrong on the moon. Not cool, Kanye.

Kanye West, Patrick Swayze


He'd never do something like this, though...right?

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