Jon Gosselin

You may have heard the sad news. Despite all the dating, partying and Kate-dissing, Jon Gosselin is not a happy man. To hear one website tell it, he's downright blue.

"Jon Gosselin Suicide Bombshell: 'I Want to Kill Myself,' " goes the headline at the always-understated folks at The shocking development is provided by none other than Gosselin himself the mother of his former babysitter.

With rock-solid sourcing like that, we were just about to call the hotline and send some help to poor Jon. Then we heard back from his rep, who exclusively tells E! News:

"It's sad that a mother has time to go give an interview about a conversation she overheard. Jon is happy and enjoying his life. He's strong and getting by day by day and he would never leave his kids. Jon's happy and has a lot of great projects in the works. He has never tried to kill himself. He definitely doesn't want to kill himself."

And Team Jon has a theory behind the trumped-up, third-hand suicide claim...

The rep says that Jon did fire babysitter Stephanie Santoro, who had been linked romantically to the Plus 8 papa and caused at least one blow-out with his estranged missus.

"He did have to get rid of the babysitter because Kate was upset about it. Jon denies sleeping with her.

"It was causing too many problems at home so he replaced her. So maybe that's why the mother [Radar's 'bombshell'-dropping Marci Santoro] is bitter."


With that behind us, we can go back to wondering exactly what's up with Kate's hair.


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