Megan Fox is an expert on a lot of things: the power of the vagina, bisexuality, saying dumb stuff, modern-day teen idols—you know, just about everything. So let's ask her about advice on high school mean girls. After all, she's really identifiable to young, normal girls everywhere.

At a press junket for Jennifer's Body, the actress doled out this advice on dealing with bullies, and it doesn't involve murder, so that's good for everyone:

"Usually the bullies are the most insecure," Megs told E! News. 

"I was bullied and it's hard, you feel like high school's never going to be over. It's four years of your life and you just have to remember the person picking on you has their own problems and their own issues," she said. "And you're going to be OK."

Perhaps some of this also applies to those anonymous Transformers crew members leaving nasty letters around the Internet about how Megan is "thankless, classless, graceless," "dumb as a rock" and hates when Michael Bay makes her tour the f--king pyramids.


See if you can spot any of those alleged moods of Megan Fox in our gallery honoring the actress.

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