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Which mess of a celeb's credit card was declined while partying in New York over the weekend—leaving a friend to pick up the hefty tab? The star was there to attend the Video Music Awards, but instead seemed to be competing for the drunkest-mess-of-the-night award.

Think you know the celeb unable to manage money or liquor?

Guess the Gossip: Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009
Which toasted star was declined in more ways than one?

Answer: Stephanie Pratt!

The ASICS VMA afterparty hosted by Rihanna and Jay-Z at Jay's club 40/40 was the place to party after the awards show. So much so that Hills rodents Holly Montag, Stacie Hall and Stephanie Pratt decided they must get in.

All three girls showed up and were initially turned away for being too "visibly drunk," a partyer tells us, but eventually made their way "begging." Steph said she would buy a bottle, so after a few minutes of pleading, the girls were allowed to walk, or rather stumble, down the carpet.

"They were hanging onto the poles of the tent for dear life," an onlooker tells us of the embarrassing sitch. But things only got worse!

Stephanie Pratt's credit card was declined when she tried to order bottle service, but instead of canceling the alcohol, she gave Montag's card to pay for it. If that wasn't bad-friend etiquette then the fact that Steph ditched out with Stacie a few minutes later sure is! Holly was left with the entire unwanted bottle and bill.

"Holly really tried to get out of paying for the bottle, but the waitress wouldn't give her card back until she signed the bill. It was really embarrassing"

This is why Hills people should not be considered celebrities. Doesn't the fact that they were rubbing elbows with the likes of Justin Timberlake and Ri-Ri inside make you cringe?


Who did behave themselves? Peep the 2009 VMA Gallery and decide for yourselves!

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