So much for a Kim Kardashian-Reggie Bush reunion.

After assuring E! News' Michael Yo that her post-split trip to New Orleans was just for volunteer work, Kim made her take on dating jockstraps abundantly clear: "No more athletes."

The entrepreneur -in-training seems to be enjoying the single life, telling us, "I am focusing on me and my work and who I am, and I am not really focusing on anyone that dates." Looks like the plan is going well, since we caught her on the set of her guest-spot on Fox's new series, Brothers.

Kim even got a little philosophical, too: ""I am looking for myself first. I think your soul mate is you. I'm getting all deep".

Wait, does that mean she's anti-Khloe Kardashian's new boytoy, Los Angeles Lakers stud Lamar Odom?

"I personally had a conversation with Khloé—no more athletes," Kim says of the warning she gave little sis.

"I know everybody had that conversation with her."

But we all know how that turned out. The threesome have been inseparable. Don't expect Kim to be bitter about Khloé not heeding her sisterly advice about jock blocking, either.

"They met they fell for each other so fast—they have not spent one day apart," spills the reality starlet. "They are so cute."

Hey Khlo, how do you feel about big sis gushing about your love life? We're guessing she's fine with it since she's been pretty vocal about wanting Kim and Reggie to reconnect too.

Sadly, it looks like K is only looking to move forward.

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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