Emma Stone

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

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You know when you take the case off your pillow and it has all those sweat stains and spots created by general human use? Gross, right?

Well, it looks like the usually adorable Emma Stone got draped in the whole used-bandage/bare-pillow aesthetic to attend an NYC party for Anna Sui's Gossip Girl-inspired collection. Sure, the getup's part of Sui's line (at Target starting Sunday!), but the thing is trying to choke and drown poor Emma.

As a rule, ladies, let's try and stay away from any couture that is Band-Aid-colored, 'K? Next, avoid any kind of vague flourishes that could have been created by a tough cardio day at the gym. And, oh, a loopy powder-blue ribbon won't compensate for a dress fashioned out of nursing home linens. Even if you did see it on TV.


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