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Exactly how bad is Lindsay Lohan's career? Would she be considered on the same level as a Dancing With the Stars candidate or some other reality show star?
—GP, via the Answer B!tch inbox

There is an actual method for ranking Lohan among others of her race, such as Jon Gosselin, Bethenny Frankel, Mischa Barton, the Olsen twins and the like. And if you think I might be insulting Jon Gosselin, here's the scoop from people who would know...

According to corporate celebrity matchmakers—companies that find spokesstars for business clientele—Lohan is actually still kinda hot.

Yes, as an actress—she has at least two movies debuting next year, according to the IMDB—but also as an endorser, which these days is just as important for an actor.

Is she fielding a ton of requests from companies? No. Brad and Angelina continue to stand as the holy grail of celebrity spokespeople. But Lohan did just score a deal with French fashion house Emanuel Ungaro for the rather dubious-sounding position of "artistic advisor." Essentially, the CEO told the press that the house is tapping Lindsay to help the company be more friendly to the masses.

"A designer only-led fashion house isn't enough, so we're adding a super consumer who gives us a direct channel to consumers," said Ungaro CEO and president Mounir Moufarrige.

Right. Because if there's anyone out there who's in touch with the everyday lady, it's Lohan.

Ariel Stepp, account coordinator at Celebrity Source, explains Lindsay's appeal thus: "It's more of a trainwreck appeal—what is she gonna do next, what is she gonna say next—people can't stop looking. She's a perfect example of there being no such thing as bad publicity. She has that Hollywood cocaine-chic appeal about her, which leads to high fashion."

According to Celebrity Source folks, Lohan seems to fit in somewhere between Jon Gosselin, who is nearing the end of his 25 minutes of fame, and Paris Hilton, who, believe it or not, is still way in demand. ("She's huge overseas," Stepp says.)

"Lindsay isn't above or below the reality show-type stars," Stepp posits. "She's more to the left and right."

If you don't believe Lohan still garners interest, get thee to Twitter: She has nearly 300,000 followers.



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