Dexter returns Sept. 27 for season four! To celebrate, we're bringing you five sneak peeks from the first two episodes, and as frosting on top of that treat, we're also sharing spoiler bonuses that reveal a little more about what's to come. We've seen the first four episodes, and they equal or top anything that's come before. Read on to find out what secrets we're spilling...

Spoiler Bonus: Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is actually a darn good dad, but what he's really having trouble with is "neighbors" and "community." Let's just say suburban life and Dexter's skulky ways don't exactly fit together perfectly. And at one point, Rita (Julie Benz) even gets a glimpse of how much the real Dexter doesn't like to play nice with others.

Spoiler Bonus: Lundy (Keith Carradine) is back, and we're happy to see him, but this time, he's here with a couple of twists. Twist one: He's no longer FBI, he's retired. But that doesn't mean he's done hunting serial killers. He thinks that the shadow he's been hunting for 15 years, the Trinity Killer, might be in town.

Spoiler Bonus: John Lithgow's Trinity Killer is easily the most chilling nemesis Dexter's ever had. (Well, he doesn't start out as a nemesis, but we suspect they'll get there eventually.) He's more frightening than the Ice-Truck Killer, Doakes, Miguel Prado or the Skinner, not least because he's played by dear old John Lithgow who can go from grandfatherly charm to merciless murderer in no time flat—and his crimes are deeply cruel, if not as brutal as some we've seen.

Spoiler Bonus: Oh, Deb. We really hoped Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) was headed toward a more solid, saner personal life, but Lundy's return means it is not to be. Crazy girl. In other news, look for an unexpected flirtation between two regular characters.

Any guesses about which two regulars are hooking up? Got any hopes and dreams for Dexter this season? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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