La Toya Jackson, Barbara Walters


To say La Toya Jackson idolized her late brother would, it seems, be putting it lightly.

"I don't think we'll find a person as talented, a person who thought the way he thought," she tells Barbara Walters of Michael Jackson in a 20/20 interview airing tonight. "A person with the heart that Michael had.

"People aren't that way anymore. He was special. He wasn't God, but he was certainly God-like. He was the closest thing to a god that I knew."

It's safe to say La Toya, who signed her brother's death certificate and later became the legal guardian of his body, doesn't feel the same way about Dr. Conrad Murray.

"Something went wrong," she said when asked if the doctor killed her brother. "Something went wrong."

As it happens, several somethings appeared to have gone wrong, not least among them Murray's hide-covering decision to call Prince Michael into his father's room to witness his hopeless attempts at resuscitating the pop icon.

"He called Prince…Prince…watched him do this, Barbara. And you don't do that to a child. You don't do that to a child, especially when you knew prior to asking that child to come up, that Michael was no longer alive."

As for the controversy surrounding Michael's other children, La Toya said the question of paternity was moot.

"It doesn't really matter, those are Michael's kids. He raised those kids. They were in his arms when they were born; the minute that they were they were right there with him. They only know Michael as their father."

Who they know as their mother is a different story. While the mother of Michael's youngest son, Blanket, has never been identified, La Toya said that the boy is Hispanic. As for his older children, Prince and Paris, La Toya said they have not seen their birth mother—let alone grasp who she is—since their father's death.

"They know who Debbie Rowe is. Whether or not they know she's their mother, I'm not so sure. They haven't seen her since he's passed. But they're more than welcome."

As, she said, is Joe Jackson, despite reports Katherine was doing her best to keep him away.

"They love their grandfather," she said. "They…like the fact that he's very outspoken. And they say that, 'Grandpa, he tells you like it is.' "

As for Michael, while La Toya isn't coming straight out (again) and blaming Murray for her brother's death, she does point the finger at who she believes to be at fault.

"I blame any and everybody who was instrumental in Michael's life providing him with drugs because it was wrong," she said. "It was terribly wrong. They're doctors! This is going against their license, Barbara. You don't do things like that."

Setting aside what may have killed Michael, La Toya says he is finally resting in peace. And a rather stylish peace at that.

"He was dressed in all white pearl beads going across, draped across," she said of Michael's burial. "A beautiful big gold belt. Like…like a belt that you win being a boxer. Full makeup…his hair was done beautifully, his makeup was done beautifully."

He looked, in his sister's words, "absolutely fabulous."

With him in the casket were sunglasses, his iconic white glove and several other personal items, including stones placed on his chest by daughter Paris.


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