We all knew it was comingKathy Griffin in a cheap Kate Gosselin wig and bikini (she's almost as bad as a Kardashian with all the bikini posing).

Ever since Kate became the saint of the Gosselin family, everyone's been so easy on her. So it is kinda nice to see the return of old Kate we knew and hated so much before Jon started taking our attention.

You remember her, right? The eye-rolling, fame-whoring, water-denying all-around put-out mom. Ah, those were the days.

And yes, there is a J.Goss cameo courtesy of George Takei. Enjoy!

Or don't enjoy because there are eight adorable kids mixed up in all this. It's up to you!


Now let us turn our attention to E! talent. Kendra had her baby shower yesterday! Check out the gallery.

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