ANTM, Cycle 13, Cast

Jim DeYonker / The CW

Cycle 13—the petite version—of America's Next Top Model returns tonight. If the two-hour premiere is any indication, this might be the best season yet. Click in for some sneak peeks of tonight's premiere and a few of its most bizarre contestants...

For starters, the latest group of aspiring models don't seem to scream as loudly as their predecessors. In fact, one of the hopefuls rarely speaks at all. Maybe tall girls have more air in their lungs? It's always possible our hearing is impaired after enduring hundreds of Tyra Mail announcements, but whatever, we enjoy the (relative) silence.

If you like ANTM to bring the noise, however, don't worry: The personalities of this round of hopefuls are fiercer than ever! They include not one but two castration specialists, the first-ever finalist in crutches, a couple of self-professed scholars, a survivor of a horrific crime and a very quiet redhead whose nickname is Bloody Eyeball. (What is it with these models and blood?)

Sadly, for reasons unknown (but all too easy to speculate), Amber, the biggest character of the Little 14, had to leave the competition, so cherish every moment you have tonight with the 18-year-old girl whose devotion to Jesus Christ includes everything from saving the world to abstaining from sex for the past two years!

Somehow the show does go on without awesome Amber, as nearly each girl brings her own special brand of cuh-razy to their new home. (If they don't win the title, at least some girls might take home a DSM-IV diagnosis!)

Find out more about the finalists—and post your winning predictions—in our America's Next Top Model: Cycle 13 photo gallery.

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