Leonardo DiCaprio

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Leonardo DiCaprio having sushi with male pals at Crazy Rockin' Sushi on Santa Monica and La Brea late at night. The somewhat dubious lothario must not be too sad that his Scorcese flick Shutter Island 's been pushed back too far for him to nab another Oscar nod this year, since he was all smiles while slurping down sashimi. Who needs Academy Awards when you've got every model in the world willing to be your trophy? And, sorry, but that one (just like Jon Gosselin) really needs to be explained to me.

Another dining celeb who desired something hot and tasty not on the menu was…

Jane Fonda dining at Basix in West Hollywood, still looking totally doable for her age. Ms. Fonda wore a pastel dress and drank wine with some elegant friends at the WeHo hotspot. JF even got her cougar-vision on, giving a hot stud dude nearby the once over—actually, more like three-times over, since JF couldn't stop staring at this partic hunk's derriere. Completely understand, but, uh, can somebody tell Fonda that she simply can't have everything?

Two stars who wish they could pull the "Don't you know who I am?" card to get what they want were…

William H. Macy and Crispin Glover doing their civic duty by showing up for jury duty at Los Angeles County Superior Court. WHM, in jeans and a casual button down, was sent packing to another courthouse a few miles away, but Glover was stuck downtown for hours and hours. The odd dude, who donned all black on a super sunny LA day, must have forgotten to bring something to do, since he alternated between playing with his phone, randomly switching seats, and hanging his head in his hands. Yeah, Crisp, none of us like jury duty, but do ya gotta be so effin obvious about it?

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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