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Goodbye, gossip. Goodbye, Awful Truth. And goodbye forever and ever and ever, Twilight. Yep, the lowly intern is headed back to school in Chicago, and it's a sad day for all (far sadder than any Michael Jackson funeral, natch). For real, though. We here at the A.T. are a magnanimous group who always valued each other's opinions, and I was lucky enough to have my own intern-level thoughts thrown into the daily mix. Seeing the world through the eyes of a gossip queen was probably the best way I could ever hope to spend a summer.

Most surreal moment? Standing on the red carpet, helping Ted talk women (trust me, he needed it) with Ashton Kutcher. Being hilariously set up on a blind date by Catherine Hardwicke. Getting journalistically bitch-slapped by Anne Heche and Jesse Metcalfe. Schmoozing with Brittany Snow and E!'s own Jason Kennedy at a swanky July 4th party. Oh, the celeb memories.

But listen up: The world of gossip is bitchy, outrageous, and downright scandalous—and friends, I'm here to tell you that it's absolutely fantastic, too. It's a living, breathing, dynamic little world, and far from the fluffy crap that some will have you believe. And above all else, it's damn hard. So respect the goss, respect the Biz, and respect Ted Casablanca. He's the real deal, I'm telling you.

I'll miss Ted, Taryn and Becky and the amazing experiences in H'woodland and at E!. I'll miss all of you crazy commenters for keeping it exciting and oh-so-bitchy. And I'll even miss the dozens of random Twitter requests I get from you folks every day—shucks, I feel like a young Lindsay Lohan, pre-tragic mess. And even though I've made it clear that the vamps of Twilight just don't get my blood hot and boiling, I'll even miss reporting about Rob, Kristen and that whole overly dramatic cast of divas in between. Too angsty for me, but what can I say? I'm a friggin' journalistic chameleon.

Keep it Awful, kids.

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