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This week was a trip. I have to say that I like Kandi at the moment. She is playing that "I'll have to see for myself" Switzerland card à la Lisa, which only lasts so long. If you don't say how you feel, the audience will check you like boo. People are not feeling Lisa this season. Trying to be perfect leaves you boring, and no one is buying whatever she's selling.

NeNe is a bit different this season, and you guys are annoyed that I haven't called it out. She is a diva, she loves her fame and success and she's definitely letting it out. At the beginning of the episode (at the obligatory salon meeting), I thought NeNe was controlling. However, she set up this shoot, she should direct, and I have to say, she did a great job and took it seriously.

Kandi made me so sad in the scene with Sheree, and they bring out the best in each other. Sheree did break it down about Kim the best way: She's fun, and take it for what it is, but it will rear its ugly head. Sheree is funny and doesn't mean to be. "If I robbed a bank, then where is all the money?"

I loved the alter ego shoot. Lisa looked adorable as the schoolgirl and uncomfortable and mismatched as that hood girl from a Prince video. Sheree's robbery pic was a bit of a stretch. I never need to see Dwight's legs or his over-the-top need to put "gay" on steroids.

Kim really is missing a few cards in her stacked deck. The Stepford wife was a decent idea, but the mistress. Um, here's a tip: You are a mistress. Those clothes were yours. That Laundromat is where you used to wash your clothes before you realized your mattress was an ATM machine. She is completely delusional and unaware of what is happening. My boyfriend doesn't understand her clown lips. Maybe they're the wax ones from her daughter's Halloween candy drawer.

NeNe as a conservative lady was OK but didn't cut it. The stripper moment: Well, to quote the Austin Powers movie: "It got weird." NeNe, less is more, and that tongue needs to stay in your mouth because Gene Simmons was cringing. That was too much for even Taxicab Confessions.

As for Kandi's scene, it made me uncomfortable, but I suppose I understand why she did it. If it helps her and sends a message then I totally get it. It did look real, and NeNe did a hell of a job directing.

It never ends with these girls, and I hope it never will. NeNe and I were supposedly livetwittering back and forth last night during the show, but that concept escapes her. It was a barrage of comments from me, and she didn't understand that she was supposed to respond.

Oh, in other last news, they are all ghetto. Kandi said that NeNe is the "ghettoist" of them all. The grammar is gorgeous. Lisa, when referring to Kim, said: Kim's been lying on me (meaning lying about me). Lisa, if Kim were "lying on you," you would know it because those airbags might suffocate you. Plus, you'd be buying her a pave diamond bangle the next day in return.

I'm out.


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