Rev Al Sharpton, Michael Jackson Funeral

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Michael Jackson, rest in tweets.

Specifically, those of thumb-happy Rev. Al Sharpton.

Doing his best to ensure that the friends and family-only service of the King of Pop was, in the end, not such a private moment after all, Sharpton tweeted his way through last night's long-awaited, star-studded and camera-prohibited interment of Jackson.

"I am sitting at the burial services of michael jackson," the man of the cloth announced on his Twitter page. "I am talking to actress lisaraye mc coy…and tom mesereau.

"Tom represented MJ in the molestation case. We are all discussing his battles. This is a real moment for those who witnessed what he"—dang, character limits strike again.

Not that Sharpton let a little thing like 140 strokes get in the way of him and his rather gauche play-by-decorum-forsaking-play...

"What MJ went through was so unfair, yet he succeeded. In the end, he was the biggest artist ever. He faced the headwinds but he made it."

Of course, what good is tweeting from an event of such massive pop culture importance if you don't toot your own horn, just a bit?

"I just spoke at the conclusion of tributes. Glady knight sang her heart out. Now we prepare to lay him top rest.


Uncouth as it may have been to send updates to the masses during such a solemn occasion, Sharpton wasn't the only one taking to Twitter to dish on the ceremony. Though at least Jackson's longtime choreographer turned director of the greenlit film This Is It, waited until after the service to share his thoughts.

"We were a top a hill over looking a Valley," Kenny Ortega wrote. "The moon was red, the sky purple. It was Beautiful. Flowers, Music, Family, Friends, L.O.V.E


Check out the stars and family members who turned out to pay tribute to the King of Pop in our Mourning Michael Jackson gallery.

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