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It's funny how Perez Hilton and Demi Moore are so busy Twit spewing at each other (who do they think they are, me and Answer B!tch?) over some quasi-slutty pics of Tallulah Belle Willis, they're deftly keeping Twit observers from noticing the real deal: This is all about them.

I can remember clearly when famed T-town attack lawyer Marty Singer was attempting to scare and threaten Perez (for a variety of choice offenses) in the same legal manner Peres is now barking at Demi: "Still waiting for you to retract your incorrect, libelous and defamatory statements," Hilton's shot at the gal he also calls "Kitten" says.

Hey, at least Perez isn't telling Demi to suck his dick, like he did Singer, suppose that's some gain. Demi stupidly participates in the fray and accuses Perez of contributing to "child pornography," like who the hell's child is she, woman? Maybe those pornographic snapshots could have been curtailed before the 15-year-old ever left the house?

Point is, this entire snit fight's about everybody but Tallulah. If either party gave a crap about her, they would have kept quiet. I see celebs do heinous things to their kids (whore them out, sell them out, parade them out) all the time, and do I mouth off about it? Unless you're a member of Brangelina's brood, not that much. Isn't being the child of a woman who's so desperately trying to hang onto the days when she was practically making pornography (some on the set of About Last Night insist it was, indeed, but guess that coital secret will remain with Demi and Rob Lowe) enough of a sentence? Not to mention having to smell stepdad Ashton's colossal farts? Worse than even mine, I hear.

And Perez, really. Leave Tallulah alone. She's a kid. Even if she's dressing for the attention with all that skankwear, doesn't mean she deserves it. What's your next line? She asked for it?

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