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Not everybody in H'wood is selfish and greedy. Believe it or not, some celebs certainly know how to give back. But this star in particular, one who recently made a splash on the boob tube, went above and beyond sending a "thanks for having me" prezzie to the folks back on the show. Can ya guess who the bighearted babe is?

Guess the Gossip: Friday, Sept. 4, 2009
Which TV guest generously gave back to the cast and crew of the show they appeared on?

Answer: Alanis!

Our on-set sources at the Showtime show say Alanis had so much fun guest starring on the ganja-centric comedy that A.M. had a surprise for everybody at the wrap party. She gifted cast and crew with her own brand of herbs that do all sorts of delightful things to ya. What a sweetheart! Can't say it surprises us that superhip Ms. Morissette's into the wacky stuff, what with that whole earth goddess vibe she's perfected in her tunes.

'Course, Lani didn't grow all those smelly but delicious herbs by herself—she mentioned that her famous hippie friend Woody Harrelson helped her out in the gardening department. That's what laid-back amigos are for, right?

Guess all sorts of changes have happened over at Weeds since last we heard! We wouldn't be shocked if they bring Alanis' character back, just so she can atttend another wrap party.

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