Will.I.Am, Miami Dophins

Alex Berliner, Courtsey Miami Dolphins

We guess the boom boom pow is off the Black Eyed Peas' metaphoric rose. Will.i.am is seeking a rather drastic career change.

The hitmaker and friend-of-Fergie has taken to his blog to plead with Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to let him try out for the team. He's lookin' to turn his B.E.P. letters in for N.F.L.

"I always loved the game of American football," he writes. "I'm sad that I never followed my football dreams. Lately I've been thinking, is it too late to do it now? No way!"

He continues, both on the site and in a posted video, to tell of playing for his high school team—also the Dolphins—and call out some of the game's biggest stars, claiming to be able to out-run them with his "cheetah speed." To prove himself, he wants to race Deon Sanders, Hosain Bolt, ex-Falcons star Jamal Anderson and another guy the E! family knows quite well.

"I'm fast. Ask Reggie Bush. I'll kick his ass," he says in the vid.

"I'm not lying about how fast I am," Will writes. "So I wanna put this talent to use. I wanna try out for the Miami Dolphins."

The hitmaker will have to make his plea to a few other bold-faced names if he wants to score a touchdown with Flipper. Marc Anthony and tennis aces Venus and Serena Williams are minority owners of the team.


Will.i.am isn't the only Sports Nut around here...

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