It's not just their fashion sense that's similar. Madonna and Whitney Houston apparently also share the same parenting style. The same pushy, awkward stage mother parenting style, that is.

While there are no doubt plenty of perks associated with being the daughter of a pop diva, this week brought into stark focus that no matter how famous your parents are, there's no escaping embarrassment at their hands—particularly when those hands are working overtime in front of a crowd of YouTube-enabled masses.

Lourdes and Bobbi Kristina both gamely appeared at their respective mothers' sides in concert this week, the former with Madonna during her tour stop in Tel Aviv, the latter alongside the Comeback Kid on Good Morning America.

Both appeared to be enjoying the spotlight, albeit in a slightly out of their element kind of way—though while Lourdes suffered through what appeared to be an accidental headlock at the hands of her mama, B.K., after Houston ordered a minion to produce an extra microphone, stat, did manage to get out a few words.

One of which, miraculously, was not Mo-oooom.

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Which famous daughter (through no fault of her own) had the more awkward stage encounter?


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