Someone get Whitney Houston a lozenge.

It's a good thing Good Morning America didn't choose to go live with the songbird's Central Park performance Monday. She arrived with a case of hoarseness verging on laryngitis. Thankfully, not airing the appearance until today bought the ABC morning show a little time to spread the word that the comeback show's weakness was Oprah Winfrey's fault.

According to the New York Daily News, Whitney apologized for all the vocal cracking, adding, "I'm so sorry. I did Oprah. I've been talking for so long."

Still, she pushed through, although the performances themselves were not without a dash of strangeness.

The iconic singer said the word "love" so many times, we hope someone somewhere was playing a mimosa-friendly drinking game.

She claimed her performance of "My Love Is Your Love" was unplanned and "impromptu," which she oddly pronounced as the band was already starting to play it. Impromptu schmomptu.

Then she completely butchered a line early in that particular song. "I spent it with you," should never be "I spent it wit y'all." Never. Especially not before a couple cups of coffee.

But the best part was when Whitney announced all her family was there to support her and brought 16-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina onstage.

Whitney and ex-husband Bobby Brown's daughter looked great, but clearly a bit terrified when her mom insisted someone bring her a mic. After a few awkward seconds, Bobbi Kristina was asking for the crowd to clap their hands.

She sounded shaky, but we have to give her props for her actual impromptu performance. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the "overwhelmed" comeback gal.


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