Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

Jen Lowery/

When choosing this category, we could have settled for something like Cutest Couple, Couple Most Likely to Last or Most Likely to Stay Married. But seeing as this is Hollywood and we're dealing with the crème de la crème (in some cases), the best couple has to be given a better title than any of those!

That's why Homecoming King and Queen is the prestigious label being awarded to whomever the student body elects for this one. Style, grace and a general feeling of envy should accompany whichever couple is chosen!

Awful's Back to School Madness—Round 8
Who is Hollywood's Best Couple?
We're counting your votes as we type. Now go to class!
We'll let ya know what the student body picks. In the meantime, head back to class!
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