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What's with Larry King being the go-to guy for badly behaving stars who supposedly wanna start over but who end up flat out lying? In his interview with King, Chris Brown claimed that he's never been a violent person and this whole sitch with Rihanna is a total shock to him. Then can Chris explain his two prior incidents of violence, according to a probation officer's report, including the one time he shoved Ri-Ri into a wall? Of course he can't. Who needs facts when you've got a flack's words whispered into your ear?

The lying's just as bad as Brown somehow trying to excuse his "wow" comments by saying he simply misspoke and does in fact remember what happened that night with Rihanna. 'Cause if he really talked about what happened that night, he might actually have to confront his bad behavior, as opposed to apologizing for some vague, nonspecific, forgettable act.

Before Brown, of course, there were other celebs who lied right into Larry King's camera...

During Paris Hilton's first interview of freedom on Larry King after her stint in jail, she insisted she had never done drugs—despite evidence to the contrary available to anyone with an Internet connection. Then again, this isn't the first time Ms. Hilton's been in total denial

P.H. also swore up and down she'd become a better person now that she was out of the slammer. Quoth Par to King: "I've been going out for a long time now. And yes, it's fun, but it's not going to be the mainstay of my life anymore." She also proclaimed she's planning to "grow up and to be a more responsible role model." Of course! Because a good role model grossly grinds up on her BF in public at a club, right? In fact, when's the last time Paris was caught one weekend not partying until all hours of the night?

If these celebs want to be taken seriously by the public (and they all do, considering they agreed to be interviewed in the first place), they should book two interviews with Larry—one right after their incidents to declare they're a changed person and one three months later to prove it. That's the only way they'll ever be held accountable.

Or maybe it's our fault—lord knows we should take every "I'm sorry" statement from these celebs with a grain of salt, since they've hardly proven themselves to be trustworthy in the past. Larry King should bear that in mind the next time he wants to book a celeb on an "apology tour."


Catch up, as Chris Brown remembers what he said he forgot, even if he doesn't say what exactly that is.

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