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It was only a matter of time until Demi Moore twittered about the quotes going around yesterday where she reportedly denied ever having plastic surgery to French Marie Claire:

"It's completely false—I’ve never had it done. I would never judge those who have—if it's the best thing for them then I don't see a problem. But I don't like the idea of having an operation to hold up the aging process—it's a way to combat your neurosis. The scalpel won't make you happy."

So that's the quote, now it's discussion time in the Twitterverse (always the best place to have serious talks). Demi kicked off everything with this opening statement: "All this garbage that came out today about me is nothing more than an effort to diminish not just me but all women."

That's not exactly a satisfying response for everyone who wonder where exactly she hides all her aging and they let her know...

One twitterer asked the 46-year-old about her excess skin and stretch marks that had been obvious in an old paparazzi photo. Demi insisted, "I still have excess skin & stretch marks!"

Another twitterer called her out on that statement, she argued back, "Ahh hate to break it to you but I do. Comes with having a few kids 4 some of us!"

Demi concluded that the moral of the story was: "Diminishing us by continually measuring women based on how we look. Or dont look. Creating comparisons instead of connections Say no 2 that!"

Then she thanked the gods of social media for the miracle microblogging service, and everyone went to bed. The Twitterverse breathed a sigh of relief for it had been a long day, only made longer when Soleil Moon Frye celebrated her millionth follower by reprising her iconic role of Punky Brewster.

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