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Whoo-hoo! There will be more Mad Men, which means we might get to see Don Draper's life all the way to...1965?

AMC has renewed Mad Men for a fourth season. No deets were released about how much more we'll get or when it will air, but 13 episodes in the late summer of 2010 is probably a good guess.

The Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning series is set in a Madison Avenue advertising firm and tracks the rise (and fall?) of the American empire in the 20th century through the personal and professional life of "mad man" Don Draper.

But what about this season, set in 1963 and running up (seemingly) to the November assassination of President John F. Kennedy?

So far we've seen some interesting developments in the main characters:

  • Don Draper seems to be loosening up. After his vision quest to the coast in season two, he seems to be a great deal more comfortable with his wife, his life and his job. In short, he seems like less of a smug, unknowable jerk this year. Is that just us, or do you see it too?
  • Even Betty Draper almost seems happy. Well, almost. Her father is suffering from senile dementia and sometimes she runs out of melba toast, overall, Betty's third pregnancy seems to be a happy time.
  • Peggy Olson is coming into her own. The late bloomer has a boyfriend and a blossoming career, and as she told us last Sunday, "I'm in a very good place right now."
  • Joan Holloway Harris, on the other hand, is married to a lout and isn't even living a life of leisure as his kept woman. She has to keep slaving away at Sterling-Cooper, and we're beginning to worry she'll never escape.

Are you enjoying this season? Do you expect the other shoe to drop shortly? Now that season four is secure, share your thoughts on Mad Men season three in the comments!


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