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Kate Gosselin didn't sound very convincing when she told Larry King last week that she thinks her soon-to-be ex-husband Jon is a great dad "deep down." But, on tonight's episode, "Dude Ranch and Dress Up," Jon socred some major parenting points.

Not only is he as at ease doing projects and activities with the kids as supermom Kate is, but he even went so far as to don a dress for his girls.

"No, I'm not wearing girl clothing. I'm sorry," he first protested when one of his littlest ones asked him to wear pink on the show. "I'm not putting a dress on…not on TV, not ever."

Never say never, Jon…

As the girls held up a long, pink cotton dress and insisted for him to "put this on," his good dad instincts took over and the Ed Hardy-loving motorcycle-riding macho man caved.

"At first I was like, 'No, I'm not going to wear it. It's crazy to do that.' And, then I was like, well it's for my girls and it's for Mady and Cara," he said. And, on the dress went. Then Jon took it once step further and puffed out that beer belly of his to make it look like he was pregnant, prompting the cutest response from the one of the girls yet: "Daddy was a mommy!"

While Kate, who spent the episode at a dude ranch with the boys in Wyoming, didn't address their separated situation, Jon was quite talkative on the topic. "I'm living in New York," he said from the interview chair. "I love being home with my kids, but I also like being in New York where it's quiet and getting things done and that's where things happen. At home, you're taking care of nine people. It’s a lot of work. I'm stating to learn the balance… starting to get the custody schedule down. I think the kids are starting to understand it more and what's going and on how mommy and daddy are working things out. I mean, we will always be there for them, just not at the same time."

Does that put Jon one step closer to Dad of the Year honors? Vote in the poll below and then sound off in the comments.

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