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Best of Summer

We're gonna level with you. It hasn't exactly been the most happy-go-lucky summer, news-wise.

We don't need to remind you of the devastating pop culture blow caused by the recent loss of a certain inimitable music icon. And before that, Michael Jackson died! (RIP, Paula-isms. RI sweet P.)

As if that weren't enough, our favorite franchised carrot top (OK, the only franchised carrot top) was officially eclipsed, with Twilight baddie Rachelle Lefevre unceremoniously ordered to stay a minimum two-film radius away from Robert Pattinson—a fate worse than immortality, if you ask us.

And we probably don't have to tell you why we prefer it when reality shows provide an escape from the real world, rather than become a depressing reminder of it.

Still, not all tears shed this summer were from sadness—some came out of sheer exasperation. Who among us hasn't expressed some saline over the fact that we're still talking about the Gosselins? Cause Jon & Kate Plus Media Oversaturate = us reaching for the hankies. (We imagine Eric Dane's nudie tape stirred the same reaction, albeit for completely different reasons.)

So join us as our Best of Summer 2009 roundup takes a temporary walk through Debbie Downerhood and let us know, what gave you the best reason to cry this summer? (Don't see what brought on your waterworks? Tell us (off) in the comments.)

Best of Summer 2009: Reason to Cry
We know that wasn't just dust in your eyes. Man up and tell us what sent you reaching for the hankies this summer


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