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Another weekend, another hidden Hollywood homo to uncover! This week we're offering up a treat from Team Awful—a fabulous bonus Blind too scandalously dee-lish to keep to ourselves! You didn't think that little mister Jackie Bouffant was the only young performer who liked to get all gay every once in a while, did you?

You're probably all very familiar with Maxwell Meat-Mingle. He's youngish, a little squishy but still reasonably good-looking. The guy was once a major up-and-comer in this crazy town. Even if you weren't a fan of his boob-tube hit, chances are your eyes and his abs have met at one time or another. And what's more—this isn't M3's first time to the Awful Truth rodeo.

Nowadays, though, he's something of a has-been—poor Triple-M has fallen off the charts due to a string of bad press for his bombed entertainment endeavors and tales of his less-than-stellar personality (which we've experienced firsthand, natch). Nevertheless, Max definitely started out as something of a ladies' man before he lost his boy-next-door charm and smoldering sex appeal, which is why we were almost surprised when...

Max went prowling for some guy-on-guy action. Please, where did you think this sucker was going, you little B.V. sleuths?

At a recent poolside BBQ in the hills, relatively hunky Max had his tongue halfway down the throat of another meaty little piece—right in the middle of the entire shindig! And there were some par-tick people in attendance whom bi-guy Max definitely should have looked out for! It was one of those little piggies who ran all the way home and told us about it. There goes Triple-M's die-hard status as a womanizer!

Makes sense really, 'cause we knew that Mingle had had his fair share of drug dabbling (many closeted actors do, just ask Toothy Tile). Think white nose candy literally being passed around on silver platters whenever Max was in attendance...although those days have supposedly passed. Is that why Maxwell Meat-Mingle is getting all fat? Better work on that figure, boy, if you have any chance at this planned comeback. Because secretly loving dudes and a lost six-pack surely won't give Maxwell Meat-Mingle the comeback he's dying for.

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