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Did Chris Brown skin a Muppet and wear it's fleecy, baby-blue skin to his hot Larry King Live interview? You know, Wednesday's show where Brown gets amnesia about the whole Rihanna assault? We assume this outfit is Brown's lame attempt to present himself as a warm-and-fuzzy, law-abiding guy, but somehow it just ups his creepiness factor.

For one thing, we've seen more fashionable sweaters in Mr. Rogers' hand-me-down pile. And that Willy Wonka bow tie? Who are you kidding, Chris? First, you get in trouble with the real police, and now you're messing with us couture cops, prancing around TV dressed like an eccentric candy maker to increase your credibility as a nondisturbing human being? FAIL!

Or maybe it's just us. What do you think about Chris Brown's outfit?


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