DJ AM (Adam Goldstein)

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Hollywood is mourning the insanely early passing of one of music's treasures, DJ AM.

While too many questions still surround his tragic death, the coroner confirmed to E! today that suicide has not been ruled out as a possible cause of death.

We spoke with some of Adam Goldstein's close friends, professional and personal, and this just doesn't seem likely to the people who knew him best.

"[Adam] was not suicidal," a close pal insists. "The fact it [suicide] is a possibility stuns me. That's not the kind of person he was."

One of the reasons our sources are so adamant suicide couldn't be the case is because they talked to Goldstein the night before he was found dead in his apartment:

"I spoke with [Adam] the night before," one of AM's friends tells us. "In talking with him, there was nothing that led me to believe anything was wrong. He was upset over his recent breakup, sure, but Adam was all business talking about his gigs for the upcoming week."

That certainly doesn't sound like suicidal behavior to us, but unfortunately, some of the recent leaked details concerning Goldstein's apartment aren't what we expected either. A small bag of crack was found in his apartment, along with a crack pipe and prescription pills nearby.

"There was no sign Adam was back on drugs from his behavior," continues AM's bud. "He was nothing but professional when I was with him. If he was [doing drugs], which I guess it seems like, he hid it very well. It must have been a recent relapse."

Toxicology reports won't be back for several weeks, and the initial autopsy was inconclusive.

But whatever the outcome may be, there's no question Adam Goldstein is greatly missed.

Rewind Adam's life in the spotlight with our special gallery, RIP DJ AM, 1973-2009.

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