Katy Perry, Rihanna

Amy Sussman/Sugarfactory

Katy Perry made her way back to Los Angeles this weekend, performing one of her tour's final shows at the Hollywood Palladium Saturday (you can watch it  here). Upstairs in the VIP area, all eyes were not on "celeb" Perez Hilton who was in attendance (so cool he couldn't be bothered to take his sunglasses off the entire time inside), but rather on one of Katy's constant rumored love interests, Benji Madden.

Despite being quite short, B.M. was hard to miss with his standard fedora and tats on display. Benji was in a great mood, chatting with friends as he made a brief appearance upstairs before Katy took the stage. Mr. Madden went MIA during the show. Maybe to watch with Perry's "close friends" backstage?

After her fab performance, Katy headed over to club h.wood solo to meet new bestie Rihanna, who was not alone...

Ri-Ri spent the night hanging out with her rumored lovah, rapper Drake.

Katy joined the two in a private VIP area upstairs. While Perry and her friends got into a huge cupcake-throwing fight, Rihanna and Drake were practically inseparable.

"They were sitting next to each other on a couch smoking and talking," a fellow clubber tells us. "There were no public displays of affection—they just seemed to be only talking to each other the entire night. They were low-key, but definitely seemed into each other."

Could this mean she's finally over that douche of an ex, Chris Brown, who doesn't remember beating her last February? Let's hope so because Rihanna and Drake stayed at the club together even after Katy and her pals left covered in frosting.

Ri-Ri and Drake continued to chat "very closely" in the roped-off area before leaving together. Rihanna, dressed all in black, slyly left the club through a private exit around closing time—with Drake and other friends following close behind.

Thoughts on the two possible new couples? We're loving Rake, that's for sure.

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