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Welcome to Real Housewife of New York Bethenny Frankel's exclusive blog about The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Bethenny is blogging for E! Online every week, dishing about the craziness that goes down on the new season. Here's her latest Atlanta installment for last night's episode.

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So NeNe is going to meet Lisa's family this week. Earrings are a sweet gesture. I agree that NeNe's presence at a grave site is inappropriate. I think Lisa needed to show some other side of her life, because her story was incredibly boring. At least we have a little bit of texture here. I do get the sense that she does try to hide a lot about herself. There are many complex reasons why she didn't want to visit her brother. I'm gathering that he had serious chemical dependency issues, and she probably doesn't remember him in a positive light. It seems like a very delicate and understandable situation. I sympathize with her conflict here.

Kandi's voice is incredible. Doing this show was a brilliant move for her that should undoubtedly spark her career. I love the song "Fly Above the Drama," although I appreciate its irony. Joining the Housewives means you've landed your 747 right on the drama tarmac. It's also funny since she has flown straight into quadruple baby-mama drama.

Kim and Kandi is the new ebony-and-ivory mutual admiration society with Kandi replacing Sheree. I love that the poor man's Anna Nicole (and that's hard to be) thinks it is miraculously astounding that she and Kandi have birthdays two days apart in two totally different years. Quelle surprise! They must be Siamese twins. Tauruses separated at birth. What a trash-tastic dingbat. I live and die for Kim. I can't even stand myself. She is so ignorant and so unedited that you have to embrace it.

Kim definitely can't sing, but who cares. I bet she could suck the chrome off a tailpipe for a canary diamond, and isn't that all that really matters? Truthfully, she's brilliant. Marketing sells records, and the absurdity of her recording "Tardy for the Party" gives her just as much of a shot as the future Céline Dion.

So NeNe is doing a photo shoot. That is so original. I can't wait for my token shoot next season. However, I do love the alter-ego idea. Very smart, and I love all NeNe's ideas so far. Kim being black will be epic. What will that weave look like? Lisa being gangsta is something we caught a glimpse of when she wanted to flip Kim over the couch. The finished products will be so much fun.

"Get black and get black quick" from NeNe was a great line, but maybe not as funny as "Does that mean Lisa will live until 90?" I happen to agree that Lisa is fake but $3 bills are queer and counterfeit bills are fake. Gotta love a Kim-ism. The NeNe and Kim pedicure scene was about as authentic as a packet of Sweet'N Low. How hard did Bravo have to push to get them together? Ouch.

Sheree, Sheree, Sheree, you believe your own myth. Her delusions of grandeur are insurmountable. That meeting was idiotic, and what was up with Yakita and the facial expressions? She better not be boo, and she ain't gonna be checking Sheree (at least not with pookie a phone call away).

Now to L.A. We see Lisa's engagement ring, which looks like the mother to Jill's ring in the identical setting. NeNe just can't get over the fact that Lisa's father actually is Asian. Just like the movies and Chinese restaurants, NeNe. She meant it when she said she was half-Asian. It was just so incomprehensible to her. She still isn't over the fact that Kim is white, so that's understandable. I loved the picture of Lisa's traginista navy-blue Guinness Book of Records acrylic nails in her prom picture.

So everyone didn't come from money. Quelle surprise again. Was anyone under the impression that the Atlanta Housewives were raised vacationing in Gstaad? Who cares where you came from or how freely the Benjamins flowed?

Her family was lovely, her grandmother is beautiful, and Vaseline's stock just went through the roof. All good there. I'm happy Lisa visited the grave. Nothing clears your head and conscience like closure.

I think Lisa is the most well-spoken of the bunch and hardly a "hood rat" as NeNe so affectionately called her. Is this the season where everyone picks a gang? Sheree is definitely packing.

Please give me my Depends next time Sheree says she wants the Naomis and Kate Mosses of Atlanta to model her line. They will undoubtedly arrive in a Maybach with a unicorn and a rainbow with a pot of gold coins and a leprechaun. Sheree believes her own myth. She's hysterical.

Now to the real star of this episode. The rooftop token Asian gay is beyond hilarious. "They are faking the funk, because this is prosecco," and "Sometimes you feel like a nut..." was too much for television. Bravo, please bring him back. Token Asian gay is the new Dwight. Dwight is so '80s. Love!

Agree? Disagree? What did you think of last night's eps? Comment below!


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