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We know not every single one of you out there is head-over-heels for Robert Pattinson—maybe you're more into the less obvious hotties running around H'wood? Well, we've had our own geek crush on the totally adorable Jason Batemen ever since he starred on cancelled cult fave Arrested Development, and we were lucky to make fluttery eyes at the funny guy at the premiere of his latest flick Extract.

Jase was a good sport about yakking to us about his famous co-stars Ben Affleck and Jen Garner, but we couldn't let a dish session go by without asking about the eagerly anticipated big-screen follow up to his hilarious show. So is Batman as excited as we are about the Arrested Development movie?

"It's gonna be a miniseries first," deadpans JB.

So how's AD gonna get the big-screen treatment? Pregnancies? Deaths? High-speed car chases? Celebrity cameos? Michael Bluth himself fills us in:

"S--t is gonna blow up!" promises Bateman. "It'll be longer! Pictures will be bigger!" Oh, you're such a tease, Jase!

So is the show's super-quick humor gonna work on the big-screen?

Says JB: "I think it's a little bit more appropriate than [watching from] your couch where you can get distracted. Hopefully being in a dark theatre where you're somewhere locked in will be helpful in appreciating the density of [creator] Mitch Hurwitz's writing. If you miss just a little bit of what he's saying or doing, you might miss about twelve jokes."

Gotta ask, since AD got booted off the boob tube, you and Michael Cera both starred in mega-hit Juno. Does the AD movie have to have an indie hipster soundtrack now that you're associated with that flick?

Batman shrugs, but adds, "I imagine there will be at least one ukulele."

Since Jason's either left out of creative meetings or is just playing coy with us, we'll tell ya what we really want in the AD movie: Celebrity cameos, duh!

Don't tell me Portia di Rossi can't get Ellen to swing by the set, or David Cross won't bring his gf Amber Tamblyn by for a guest spot.

In fact, Ron Howard's producing the damn thing—can he get his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard to invite some Twilight babes over for walk-on? Would sure be nice to see the angsty lot of 'em smile in a comedy for once!

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