Michael Jackson, Dr. Arnold Klein

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Now that he's facing a possible malpractice rap, Dr. Arnold Klein probably wants to avoid as many trips to court as possible.

An attorney for Michael Jackson's former dermatologist said Thursday that his client has decided against petitioning for a say in the upbringing of Jackson's two eldest children, 12-year-old Prince Michael and 11-year-old Paris.

Both of whom could actually be Klein's biological children—a relationship that Klein has not particularly denied, nor will he be setting out to prove any time soon through the marvels of science.

Klein, who admitted to anonymously donating sperm once, will not be taking a DNA test to prove he's the father of those kids, attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan told Us Weekly Thursday.

"It would serve no helpful purpose for the children to be distracted from believing Michael Jackson is not the father in every possibility," Kaplan said.

"It would be of interest to other people. It is not something Dr. Klein feels he is interested to establish. It would serve no purpose other than creating distraction or noise. It is not going to help the children other than to solve the answered question, which is a selfish motive to see who the ultimate provider of the 13 chromosomes [is]."

And Klein is not going forward with his legal petition because, now that the court has appointed a legal adviser to look after the children's finances and protect their best interests, Klein is satisfied that they'll be A-OK.

Jackson wanted his children to have access to a formal education and be brought up out of the spotlight, and Klein wanted to comply with his old friend's wishes, according to Kaplan.

"Dr. Klein wanted to assert a request that he had concerns," the lawyer told Us. "He had an agreement with Michael Jackson that if anything happened to Michael Jackson... Dr. Klein would do what he could to see that they were protected."

Jackson's mom, Katherine, has custody of Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II (aka Blanket), 7, which was the preferred set-up laid out by the King of Pop in his will.

Meanwhile, authorities paid another visit to Klein's Beverly Hills offices last week. Officials have said that the cooperative good doc is not a target of their investigation into Jackson's death, but he's reportedly facing a possible medical malpractice charge.


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