Bradley Cooper

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Bradley Cooper is a player for a reason: He's so effing hot! Sure, Renée Zellweger is an Oscar-winning A-list actress, and we're sure she's a really nice girl and all, but aren't you all thinking the same thing we are? He's way too good-looking for her sometimes, shall we say, stiff-looking face.

The two are supposedly still "on," but at last night's All About Steve premiere, you wouldn't know it:

Most celebs skip the personal Q's on the carpet, but Bradley is like Robert Pattinson when it comes down to the romance stuff. He's just not gonna give ya much!

Coop dodged all Zellweger and Aniston quandaries, and steered clear of any pesky gossip outlets in general. That seems a bit overboard, considering he could probably hypnotize any woman reporter with those bright blue eyes of his to write whatever he damn well wants her to.

As much as we heart Bradley, though, he isn't exactly the guy you want to husband-up, and from what we hear we don't think he's in any hurry to walk down that aisle again. Hey—maybe Jen Aniston could be the gal for him after all? Both are clearly not looking for anything serious. If only they would just own up to it, already.

What do you guys think—Team Aniston, Team Zellweger or Team Single? We're going with the last pick. Bradley and George Clooney just seem like a match made in Bachelor-Bestie heaven.

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