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When 90210 returns this fall, get ready for a bright new look and a lot more sex and scandal. The show is getting back to the California high-life roots that made the original series so beloved, and the hot new couple on the scene is Naomi Clark (AnnaLynne McCord) and Liam Court (Matt Lanter). Or should we say noncouple, because while those two are way hot for each other, they have a looong way to go before they get their happy ending.

We just caught up with Matt at the Nylon magazine TV issue party, and he filled us in on the young couple's season-two struggles:

As Lanter tells us, "Naomi and I have some obstacles to get through."

In particular, there's the whole problem where Naomi thinks Liam and Annie slept together, but actually Liam was tricked into sleeping with Naomi's evil (evil!) sister, Jen Clark, and the lies are driving Naomi nutty. As Lanter tells us, "Naomi is not gonna find out [the truth] right away. That's the problem right now. We keep asking the writers when it's gonna happen, when we're gonna get back together, but right now in season two we're seven episodes into it, and we're having a hard time finding each other."

Still, there's hope. Lanter says that he and AnnaLynne are rooting for their characters: "We want it to happen. Liam is trying to find a way to basically tell Naomi what happened, but he's trying to be sensitive because it's her sister."

And that's not all. Amalia Zinser is joining the cast as Ivy, a tomboy surfer girl who becomes a new love interest for Liam (and Dixon). Lanter promises, "There are going to be some fun stories to tell [about that relationship]"—in part because Ivy joins 90210's boys' club.

See, in the grand tradition of surfer boy Dylan McKay, the gang from West Bev takes to the waves. Lanter says, "The guys are really starting to form a bond this season over surfing. One thing they all do now is the surf team. And there's a new hangout at Liam's house, so we get to see them bond a lot more and become a good group of friends. Liam becomes a lot more integrated with the group and the rest of the kids." Yay!

Are you looking forward to the turbocharged new episodes of 90210? Do you agree with us that Matt Lanter is positively dreamy? Post in the comments!

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