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The wait for Smallville is just too long! It's still a whole month until season nine premieres on Sept. 25 on the CW. So instead of sitting around and sulking, we went straight to the source to get the scoop on Clark (Tom Welling) and the gang.

Executive producer Kelly Souders was more than happy to tease all the Smallville happenings, including the sensual sex scene between Clark and Lois (Erica Durance), who's getting a sidekick this season and how Clark can defeat Zod (Callum Blue) before a new mystery person tries to kill him. Oh just another day in the life of Clark Kent.

We've also got details on the new casting of Roulette and who she'll be messing with this season...

After eight seasons, the iconic couple is finally coming together this year. Says Souders, "We see hints of it in the first episode, so any Clark-Lois fans should not miss the first episode. Here's my hint: Watch to the very last second of the show." Could Sounders be hinting that the infamous sex scene is in the premiere episode? She was coy about saying but did spill that the lovemaking is "not a dream."

Of course, there's trouble in paradise, though. As Erica Durance teased before, Lois returns from the future believing she has amnesia and has flashes of things she doesn't understand. Souders exclusively reveals to us that there's something more sinister happening: "Episode nine will reveal what's been haunting Lois since the premiere episode and will give Clark insight to what he'll need to do this season to defeat Zod." Ruh-roh, that doesn't sound positive.

Clark's social life is also not on the positive side this season. Sounders tells us, "You will see a new look for Clark and a new side to Clark in the opener, a side that's really had to come to grips with the power and responsibilities he's had, and it definitely has an impact. I won't say dark because it's always the Superman underneath it all that we all know and love; it's just one of his trials and tribulations on his path. He's trying to balance a life and trying to balance the things you have to do in the day to get by, so he's no different than anyone else."

Clark and Chloe's (Allison Mack) relationship is going to suffer this season as well. Not only is the Blur too busy to play best friend, but there's tension between the pair over Chloe's lost love. "They start out the season in a hard place, and by the end of the first episode, it gets even harder, all because of Jimmy. They've had a long relationship, and you can't really throw out eight years of friendship over a horrible instance, so we'll see where it takes them," says Souders. And for those die-hard Jimmy fans, there's every chance he could reappear in a flashback. "We are throwing that around. We'll see if that comes together. But we'd love to have him back."

Steph Song

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"There's also going to be a whole slew of people that DC fans are going to recognize this season," says Souders. The producers announced at Comic-Con that Roulette would pop up this season, and now studio reps have confirmed that Steph Song has been cast for the role. Song guest stars in one episode, slated to air in October. The rep teases, "Roulette is a seductive temptress who engages Oliver (Justin Hartley) in a sinister game that puts his life in jeopardy." Souders adds, "I can tell you that I've seen her in the famous Roulette dress, and I don't think fans will be disappointed!"

Oliver may be getting into trouble this season, but he's also going to have some help. "You will see a sidekick for Green Arrow," teases Souders. "If everything comes to fruition, it will be one of the incantations that people know and hopefully love. It's a very sympathetic sidekick."

Finally, based off the new season-nine trailer, someone from the future is trying to kill Clark Kent. Souders spills, "It's not one of our castmembers, but it's somebody who's maybe a lot closer to home for Clark."

Are you shocked by these developments? What's "haunting" Lois? And what will Clark have to do to kill Zod? Surely not kill Lois, right? Right?!


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