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Hi dolls. Here I am back on The Awful Truth and ready to give you a real Dash dose of truth on Hollywood. If you don't want me to crush your vision of Hollywood glamour, then read no further! 

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The image of picture perfection that Hollywood exudes really bugs me. Get serious, people! Do you really think that all these hotties in Hollywood (myself included LOL) wake up looking like that? Do you know how many pounds of makeup they wear, how many cans of hairspray they go through, or how tight their Spanx are? I hate that so many young girls see this glorified image and think they have to have a face like Megan Fox or a body like Gisele to be beautiful.

That said, though...

I would be lying if I told you that the Hollywood lifestyle didn't have its perks. I love getting all dolled up in hair and makeup and being styled by designers. It's like playing Barbie, except on yourself haha.

My sisters and I enjoy having our pictures taken at events but the cameras aren't always our friend, or any celebrity's in Hollywood for that matter.

Having paparazzi lurking outside your house every single day can be taxing. They sit there, sometimes for hours on end, waiting for you to walk out of your house looking your worst and then BAM! The next thing you know you're being criticized all across the web for looking like s--t. It's like, "How dare you leave your house in sweatpants and flip-flops???? AND NO MAKEUP?!?!?"

I'm sorry. I didn't know I had to wear a designer dress and stilettos to step outside to get my mail.

If celebrities are photographed with a hair out of place or without a face full of makeup, they should be praised for it, not torn to shreds.

What people see on the red carpets and in magazines isn't real, and I wish everybody knew that instead of idolizing the stereotype that has been created for them. That's why I love posting personal photos of me with my family and friends on my blog—it gives my fans the opportunity to see the real us!

Photos, both good and bad, are Photoshopped; blemishes are hidden, cellulite is airbrushed, waists are narrowed and after ALL of that you get Hollywood.


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