We totally adore Anna Paquin. As you know we're True Blood obsessed here at the AT so we couldn't have been more stoked that Anna and her costar slash fiancé, Stephen Moyer, truly didn't disappoint in person, either.

E! News caught up with Anna at the Nylon party last night, and she reminded us that there are some celebs out there who haven't completely lost touch with reality. AP dishes how her critics are way too uptight about all the True Blood nudity—and we couldn't agree more!

"I mean, I just don't see what the big deal is about showing people as they actually are," piped Anna. "If they're having sex, I mean, they're naked! On my planet they are anyway."

It probably doesn't hurt that the guy she has to strip down with on TV is the same fella she gets to see between the sheets in real life, too. And must say, Anna and Stephen seem like one of the more functioning couples in this town:

When asked about their recent engagement, Anna's super chill response completely meshes with her and Stephen's laid back relationship—which is why it actually has a shot at lasting.

"We're okay with just the engagement right now," dished A. "There's no plans as of yet. We're in no hurry!"

Seems like A&S are in no hurry to spawn little human-vampire babies either.

Rumors buzzed yesterday that Anna was pregnant; something shot down by her rep to Us Weekly, but as we all know publicists aren't exactly known for telling the whole truth, right?

Not the case this time.

Anna was definitely drinking for one, throwing back a few glasses of wine and puffin' on some cigarettes at the bash last night—not exactly mommy-to-be behavior. So don't expect a little Bill & Sookie to be running around just yet, but we're sure it's only a matter of time. Even their costars agree on that.

Can't get enough True Blood? Get even more dish over at Watch With Kristin!

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