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Ben Affleck's starring in the new Mike Judge movie Extract, but you'd never know it. Dude was MIA at the film's premiere at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood last night—we hear he didn't make it to the junket, either. What gives? Picking up some social tips from your wife, Jen Garner, are we?

'K, so we're totally tough on Garner, but that's based on the totally negative personal interactions we've had with her all over H'wood and the stuck-up way we see her treating her hubby. Last time we mentioned this pair, we asked any Jen defenders to come forward and share any good experiences they'd had meeting the chick. And hey, about three of you stepped forward! Three people out of everybody else in the entire world's not so bad, right?

We're still not convinced that J.G.'s America's sweetheart, so we asked somebody who would be totally in the know of Jen and Ben behind the scenes...and you'll never believe how he described working with the famous pair:

Who better to dish with than the irresistibly funny Jason Bateman, who stars in Extract with Ben and who played husband to Garner in Juno. So how does he like being on the set with the Garner-Afflecks?

"It's fun, but it's tough to get the full day's work done because they bicker so much," Jase told us on the red carpet. "They come to work together and the fighting and the fighting and the fighting. And can ya please be quiet, we gotta work! So it's tough. So we just schedule less to do those days."

We told you he was hilarious! Sure, Bateman meant it as a joke, tho he told us totally straight-faced and didn't follow it up with any genuine compliments, which we would have loved to report back to you. So much for that!

So where the hell was Ben anyway? For the record: In Boston filming The Town with Jon Hamm. "He also wrote and is acting in it," his rep tells us. "Otherwise he would have been there." Oh sure, of course!

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